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Hathor Snapshot #1

Hey everyone, Guto Martino, Marketing Manager from Hathor Network, introduce Hathor Snapshot #1 and discuss what we hope to achieve with this new format.

As I previously hinted on our Telegram channel, we are dropping the This Week in Hathor weekly update in favor of a sparser newsletter format. As the seasonality and the type of content changed, we decided to rebrand it and change the tone of voice and a letter to our audience.

The main idea behind Hathor Snapshot is that Gabriel Aleixo and I will use this space more informally by bringing together some questions that our…

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NEAR Protocol is available on Ledger Wallet to bring you an extra layer of security to your .

Storing your assets in a cold wallet means that your funds are under significantly less risk of hacking attacks, as your device works somehow as a 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) and gives you more security.

Another significant advantage of using a hardware wallet is storing several keys for different blockchains like Bitcoin inside just one device instead of keeping hundreds of passphrases.

Setting up your Ledger Wallet is easy but takes a few extra steps compared to simply writing down your seed…

Guto Martino

Marketing Manager.

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